Jasmine. Senior 2011.

 If you read my personal blog, then you might have read the post about the senior I had to shoot on a day when I felt less than stellar. Fortunately, Jasmine rocked it like a supermodel. I think my three year old could have taken pictures of her and gotten greatness. She was model-esque. Stunning. Beautiful.

IMG_2562-Edit.jpg IMG_2542-Edit.jpg IMG_2722-Edit.jpg IMG_2831-Edit.jpg I often leave senior shoots with a compulsive need to buy clothes and shoes. Because of shoes like these…IMG_2814-Edit.jpg

 I repeat. Stunning.


I adore this shot. The lighting was perfection.

IMG_2693-Edit.jpg IMG_2644-Edit.jpg IMG_2536-Edit.jpg IMG_2641-Edit.jpg

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