Basic Session vs. Premium Session

Since fall is fast approaching and my calendar is filling up with family sessions, I thought I’d try to explain the differences between the two most common packages. 

First Up:

The Basic Session


A basic session is a one location session that lasts about 30 minutes long. I usually take about 200 or so shots and I will edit about 15 for you. You’ll get all the pictures I take as well as the edited files with a release so you can print and share the images as you choose. A basic session is $160. 


Basic Sessions are great when you want a pretty basic session! We usually do more of a posed look. If it’s a family session, we usually get several of the whole family together, as well as the children together, and then individuals of the children. 






Basic sessions don’t usually allow for a lot of props and there really isn’t any time for outfit changes. But, for families with little ones who don’t last that long anyway, they’re perfect. Or for families with teens who will be cooperative like these two lovely girls, they’re great! They’re also perfect for a senior who needs headshots for rush or wants a variety of shoots throughout their senior year. They’re also ideal for birthday shoots. However, basic sessions definitely don’t work for newborn sessions. Those sweet babes need way more than 30 minutes! 

I do sometimes try to schedule more than one basic session in an evening, so we do typically keep it right at the 30 minute mark. If you’re afraid you may need more time to get the shots you want with a young child, you might consider the next package: 

The Premium Session: 

The Premium Session is usually an hour to an hour and a half, we can do two locations easily (but don’t have to), and outfit changes are an option. We usually take about 300-400 shots, and I typically edit about 35. You’ll get all the files, edited and unedited, on a CD with a release for printing and sharing. A premium session is $260. 



We still do the same type of shots with the basic session - family, children, individuals. 

But because we have more time, more locations (possibly), and maybe even an outfit change, we often get more variety than with a basic session. 




IMG_6293-Edit.jpgWe can try all the different combos of people. 





 Now, even with hours and hours, some days kids just aren’t into the whole picture taking thing. It happens. But I will always do whatever I can to help bring out the smiles, even if it means I walk like a duck or making tooty noises. One big advantage to a premium session is that it gives us some time to play around and let the kids get comfortable. On this particular shoot, when the family arrived, both beautiful babies were asleep. It took them a good 20 minutes to get okay with smiling and giggling and me. A basic session may not have been enough. We also were able to use two different, but close geographically, locations so that they got a bit more variety. 


IMG_6248-Edit.jpgThere are definitely pros to both types of sessions! It really just depends on what you want and need! But I thought this might help you better understand your options! 

Let me know if you’d like to book a fall session. My weekends are filling up FAST! :) 


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