blonde-haired cuties.

 this is my second time to have the privilege of capturing these two cuties. i just love the variety. they either totally love each other or want absolutely nothing to do with each other. makes for a fun session! and they’re totally adorable. that helps too.

vosburg_10crop Large e-mail view.jpg

 i can’t help but notice his cute little hand just barely touching her in this next one.

vosburg_22crop Large e-mail view.jpg

wb Large e-mail view.jpg

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 melt my heart!

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she's a senior!

 Five years ago, I stood in front of my first class as a terrified teacher. no, really. terrified. 7th graders are frightening at first glance. and second glance…some are scary at every glance! And I had no idea what to expect from the 120 students that shuffled in and out of my classroom every day. But slowly, I became less scared (notice that i said less scared. I will always have a healthy respect for 7th graders.) of my students and actualy started to really love the monsters. :) And one of those monsters, except she totally wasn’t, was savannah. I loved her from the get go. And now she is a senior. It’s impossible to believe. And kinda cool. Because i kinda sorta helped her get there…you know, by teaching her writing and how to use big fancy words like kinda and sorta. :)

Congratulations on starting your senior year, Savannah! I’m so glad I was a teeny tiny part of the journey!

savannah1.jpg IMG_4481-Edit.jpg IMG_4377-Edit_.jpg IMG_4431-Edit.jpg savannah2.jpg IMG_4394-Edit_.jpg IMG_4508-Edit.jpg

family love.

family1.jpg IMG_4264-Edit.jpg

 love the one on the right…:)

family2_.jpg IMG_4443-Edit.jpg IMG_4313-Edit.jpg IMG_4356-Edit.jpg

the little details.

the sparkly eyes! the wispy hair! the tiny cross necklace! and smiles galore…fun, fun, fun!






just one for now.

 zach and sheena are approaching their one-year anniversary. hard to believe it’s been almost a year since we shot their wedding! as you can tell, they’re still very smitten for each other.

 wow Large e-mail view.jpg

more to come…

a country bride

i knew when sarah stepped out of her car in a wedding dress and cowboy boots, this shoot was going to fabulous…and it so was!

blog board.jpg IMG_0155-Edit.jpgdiptych_.jpg IMG_0099-Edit.jpgIMG_0005-Edit.jpgUntitled-1.jpg   IMG_0060-Edit.jpg IMG_0002-Edit.jpg

coming soon!

 I’ve gone to Midland, um…three times now to photograph this family and I LOVE them. They’re just so laid back about the whole process and just fun! And Lily Kate, their daughter, is just beautiful. I’m extremely excited about the arrival of their new baby girl in August!




See? just beautiful. lily kate.jpg

 and cute too!


he's one!

Um. hello cuteness! I mean, really! I know i’ve said this like 19 times but one year old sessions might just be my favorites. :)

IMG_0560-Edit-Edit.JPG IMG_0768-Edit-Edit.JPG IMG_0545-Edit-Edit.JPG

Without fail, having toddlers bang on this metal wall produces some serious giggles.

IMG_0736-Edit-Edit.JPG IMG_0532-Edit-Edit.JPG IMG_0672-Edit-Edit.JPG IMG_0698-Edit-Edit.JPG IMG_0589-Edit-Edit.JPG