just one.

 i’m pretty sure this little one belongs on the cover of a magazine. from her big brown eyes to her perfectly messy hair…not to mention her headband and dress. wow.



Do you remember?

Do you remember when there was green in San Angelo? When the sun warmed you and wind was a welcome breeze? Before the ice and snow and crazy non-Texas weather froze us all? Well, that’s when this shoot was…It was a beautiful warm day spent photographing an equally warm and beautiful family…

IMG_5608-Edit.jpg IMG_5643-Edit.jpg IMG_5639-Edit.jpg IMG_5618-Edit.jpg IMG_5806-Edit-4.jpg

I adore this shot..sweet baby expressions. :)

IMG_5781-Edit.jpg IMG_5760-Edit.jpg

three years in a row...

 This was my third session with these adorable siblings. I love them so. They have this brotherly sisterly love that just amazes me. I’ve loved seeing them grow over the years. And I hope I get to for many many more years…

IMG_5335-Edit.jpg IMG_5486-Edit.jpg IMG_5475-Edit.jpg IMG_5461-Edit-2.jpg IMG_5451-Edit-2.jpg IMG_5522-Edit.jpg IMG_5372-Edit.jpg

one more post for today.

 This lovely senior was so very easy to photograph because, well, she’s just cute as can be and came with a car full of super cute clothes! It’s becoming kind of detrimental to my pocketbook to photograph highschool seniors. I have such a strong desire to go shopping after their shoots! :)

IMG_5169-Edit.jpg IMG_5136-Edit.jpg IMG_5128-Edit.jpg IMG_4999-Edit.jpg

I desperately seriously want this colorful dress. Like crazy bad. :)

IMG_4896-Edit.jpg IMG_5194-Edit.jpg

I heart this shot. lots.

IMG_5221-Edit.jpg IMG_5257-Edit.jpg



gotta start somewhere!

 I, Jenny, haven’t posted in well, like 10 million years. Crystal has done far better with the blog updation, but I have failed miserably! And, see, what happens when I don’t post forever and ever yet I’m still having shoot after shoot after shoot, I  get so backed up, I don’t know how to ever catch up again. And then it snowballs into this huge overwhelming thing and I sit at my computer and wonder, “How did I ever let this happen?” It’s all very dramatic. :) So, I just decided I’d go back through and try (please take notice of the word try) to post a few of the sessions from the distant past until eventually, maybe, just maybe, I would catch back up to the present time. So…enjoy!

First up, this adorably sweet beautiful couple who just tied the knot a few weekends ago!

IMG_4540-Edit.jpg IMG_4305-Edit.jpg IMG_4264-Edit.jpg IMG_4611-Edit.jpg IMG_4285-Edit.jpg IMG_4368-Edit.jpg

 So fun!


maybe my favorite shot in a while…

IMG_4250-Edit.jpg IMG_4324-Edit.jpg

Hailee was from Abilene, so we took advantage of her trip to San angelo and did her bridals as well. She was ridiculously beautiful and elegantly classic in her gown. And I swooned over the feathers in her hair. perfection.

IMG_4714-Edit.jpg IMG_4709-Edit.jpg IMG_4672-Edit.jpg IMG_4729-Edit.jpg IMG_4790-Edit.jpg

some of our own.

i’ve had a vision for a while of taking pictures on a tree-lined street with all the pretty fall colors. i think we found it! jenny came along and captured my vision perfectly!

ramirez10_16crop Large e-mail view.jpg

these were in the santa rita area. we borrowed someone’s yard. they weren’t home. :)

ramirez10_01crop Large e-mail view.jpg

you know i love the leaves throwing!

ramirez10_06crop Large e-mail view.jpg

and my two little boys are such naturals, don’t you think? :)

ramirez10_11crop Large e-mail view.jpg

ah, the joy!

ramirez10_17crop Large e-mail view.jpg

ramirez10_14crop Large e-mail view.jpg

we then made our way downtown to a random alley.

casen does all his own posing. :)

ramirez10_26crop Large e-mail view.jpg

cutie pie!

ramirez10_30crop Large e-mail view.jpg

such loving brothers.

ramirez10_34crop Large e-mail view.jpg

the picture you’re not seeing is of casen about 2 minutes after this one. he busted on the sidewalk. and i mean busted! his eye was black and swollen the next day. luckily, we were on our way to the car. clumsy boy.

i present to you...

jaden kylie.

born december 10…my birthday! :)

jaden_13crop Large e-mail view.jpg

this is the daughter of one of my former fellow math teachers at glenn. is she not the most adorable thing?! i think she could totally pose for anne geddes! :)

congratulations, kevin and blake!



i LOVE it when moms bring props! it adds so much to the shoot. this shoot involved a large red chair and turquoise pea coats…amazing!

lewright_13crop Large e-mail view.jpg

add in two incredibly cute girls and oh my!

ws1 Large e-mail view_.jpg

ws4 Large e-mail view.jpg

lewright_05crop Large e-mail view.jpg

how fun are these coats?!

ws2 Large e-mail view_.jpg

and if this girl can’t make you smile, nothing can!

ws3 Large e-mail view.jpg

oh, have i mentioned i’m having a girl? well, i am! and all these bows and girly things terrify and excite me all at the same time. :)

lewright_06crop Large e-mail view.jpg

ws5 Large e-mail view.jpg



this family almost had me rolling on the ground laughing. they were hilarious! made for a fun, yet cold time.

sims_07crop Large e-mail view.jpg

  ws1 Large e-mail view.jpg

 i just love the leaves thrown in the air!

sims_09crop Large e-mail view.jpg

 sims_12crop Large e-mail view.jpg

ws2 Large e-mail view.jpg

sims_08crop Large e-mail view.jpg

sims_20crop Large e-mail view.jpg


all smiles.

that’s all i have to describe this family. it was almost effortless to get a good picture. made my job super easy.

look how adorable this brother and sister are together! both of them have those deep dark eyes. gorgeous! 

hallmark_13crop Large e-mail view.jpg

add in mom and dad and the world was in perfect harmony. :)

ws1 Large e-mail view.jpg

and i LOVE shots like this! just capturing real life. 

hallmark_16crop Large e-mail view.jpg

ws2 Large e-mail view.jpg

here it is again! so cute!

hallmark_05crop Large e-mail view.jpg

oh my goodness! melt my heart…both of you!

ws3 Large e-mail view.jpg

hallmark_10crop Large e-mail view.jpg

ws4 Large e-mail view.jpg

and amazing light helps also.

hallmark_21crop Large e-mail view.jpg

did i mention he just turned three? how many three year olds do you know that are so cooperative in front of the camera?!

hallmark_03crop Large e-mail view.jpg

thanks so much, hallmark family, for making my job so easy!