catching up.

i have so many shoots to post that i’m having a hard time figuring out where to start! here goes!

longoria_06crop Large e-mail view.jpg

this couple was so sweet. she kept telling him to smile to make sure he was showing his dimples. i think he did a good job. :)


and how could he not smile at her? she’s gorgeous!




Sunny Smiles.

 The fall has the most beautiful wonderful photography weather. It’s sunny and cool and the world is still pretty green…And then throw in a beautiful family…well, it’s perfect. :)


Isn’t he beautiful?! I love his deep brown eyes…

IMG_3014-Edit.jpg IMG_3002-Edit.jpg IMG_3038-Edit.jpg IMG_2898-Edit.jpg IMG_2921-Edit.jpg IMG_2888-Edit.jpg

Christmas Card Time!

 Wendy, my friend and digital designer extraordinaire is making templates and taking orders for Christmas Cards. See more at Grace Design.

Below are just a few samples of her greatness!

merryfront copy.jpg merryinsidegr copy.jpg sprigsofjoy.jpg sprigsinsiderd.jpg

Jasmine. Senior 2011.

 If you read my personal blog, then you might have read the post about the senior I had to shoot on a day when I felt less than stellar. Fortunately, Jasmine rocked it like a supermodel. I think my three year old could have taken pictures of her and gotten greatness. She was model-esque. Stunning. Beautiful.

IMG_2562-Edit.jpg IMG_2542-Edit.jpg IMG_2722-Edit.jpg IMG_2831-Edit.jpg I often leave senior shoots with a compulsive need to buy clothes and shoes. Because of shoes like these…IMG_2814-Edit.jpg

 I repeat. Stunning.


I adore this shot. The lighting was perfection.

IMG_2693-Edit.jpg IMG_2644-Edit.jpg IMG_2536-Edit.jpg IMG_2641-Edit.jpg

a trip to Midland.

 This beautiful family came to San Angelo about 2(?) years ago for their family pics, but this time I went to them in Midland which I love doing. I love new locations! It’s a little scary, the unknown, but it’s so nice to try new spots! And this spot was super cool. Despite a threat of rain, crazy humidity and winter clothes on an unseasonably warm autumn morning, it was a fun little shoot!







IMG_1819-Edit.jpg ~ jenny

Wilson Family.

 It was a beautiful sunny day when the Wilsons had their session. Until approximately 2 minutes before we pulled up to our location. And then suddenly, as if we were in a scene from a sci-fi movie, the sky grew dark and cloudy and wind started whooshing us around. It was bizarre! But we decided to keep on trucking and with the exception of a few crazy haired outtakes, you’d never know Mother Nature tried to put an end to our photo shoot before it even started.

IMG_0650-Edit.jpg IMG_0784-Edit.jpg

Have I mentioned lately how much I need a girl? Just so I can buy a tutu?

IMG_0920-Edit.jpg IMG_0907-Edit.jpg IMG_1010-Edit.jpg IMG_1059-Edit.jpg

selena. senior 2011.

 they’re all beautiful. What’s in the water here? seriously. And, here’s the other thing. They’re not just beautiful. They’re sweet and nice and involved in 502 different things and Every time I leave a senior shoot, I feel…refreshed. Like being around that youthful, oh-the-sweet-possibilities-of-tomorrow carefreeness is catching.

Selena was fun! This picture below says it all! 


Sometimes the wind does the most wonderful things…

IMG_1455-Edit.jpg IMG_1343-Edit.jpg IMG_1341-Edit.jpg IMG_1192-Edit.jpg IMG_1137-Edit.jpg

A post?! From Jenny? Whaaaatt?

Meet Kambrey. A sweet bubbly little thing from Mason, Texas who climbed the treacherous “railroad mountain” for me, jumped in her cowboy boots way more than once and drove pretty much all over downtown San Angelo to some of the most random locations during her senior session. And did I mention? She’s beautiful…IMG_0212-Edit.jpg






Congrats Kambrey! Enjoy every minute of your senior year! IMG_0298-Edit.jpg~jenny

mini session highlights

 it was a whirl wind of a week, but i survived! and i got some pretty good stuff out of it too!

starting with these two cuties.

ws1 Large e-mail view.jpg

and then this one.

ws3 Large e-mail view.jpg

and this one.

renfro_05crop Large e-mail view.jpg

and this one!

ws2 Large e-mail view.jpg

the four sessions above did involve parents, but their cute little children just stole the show!

and then i went in a totally different direction…older kids! it’s amazing the difference. there was no chasing, no pleading to look at me, just stand here, do this, and smile! :)

rike_08crop Large e-mail view.jpg

so the mini sessions were a success! thanks for filling up the spots so fast! you guys are the best!


in love...

that totally describes this couple…but it also describes my feelings for these pictures! we had to reschedule due to the rain. everything was still soaking wet the next morning, but we persevered. :)

i couldn’t have asked for better light and with a nice breeze blowing, everything just seemed right.

take a look at these eyes. holy smokes!

ws15 Large e-mail view.jpg

ws7 Large e-mail view.jpg

ws5 Large e-mail view.jpg

ws16 Large e-mail view.jpg

ws3 Large e-mail view.jpg

ws11 Large e-mail view.jpg

ws18 Large e-mail view.jpg

ws6 Large e-mail view.jpgand check out that ring!

ws8 Large e-mail view.jpg

ws17 Large e-mail view.jpg

ws4 Large e-mail view.jpg

ws9 Large e-mail view.jpg

ws20 Large e-mail view.jpg

ws10 Large e-mail view.jpg 

ws12 Large e-mail view.jpg

ws14 Large e-mail view.jpg

ws13 Large e-mail view.jpgand my personal fav. there’s just something about the moment before a kiss…

ws19 Large e-mail view.jpg