fall mini-sessions...UPDATED...again

**All mini-session slots are filled!**


Fall Mini-Sessions!

Pick a date…October 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th or 15th.

Session time…6:00 pm

You’ll get a 30-45 minute, one location mini-session, 10-15 edited images (and all other unedited images, too.) on CD.

All for $125!


Need Christmas cards?

Gifts for family?

Just an update for those outdated photos?

Have a young child that won’t last through a whole session?

A husband that doesn’t like the camera?

A grandma that keeps pressuring you for pictures of your babies?


Now is the time!

Whatever the reason, we have the solution.


Email with your preferred date to


and we’ll get you scheduled.






melt my heart.

i generally fall smitten for most kids that i photograph. their sweet smiles and shiny eyes looking at me through my lens. i just can’t help it. i get to get up close and capture all their cuteness.

this kid was no exception and probably tops the cake. i took one look at his big brown eyes and i was a hopeless case. i spent part of the shoot with my camera down just letting him get used to me. he was a little nervous with me at first, but that didn’t last long. i could’ve spent hours with him…had the sun not went down.

johnson family_27crop Large e-mail view.jpg

ws1 Large e-mail view.jpg

i mean, really. look at him!

ws6 Large e-mail view.jpg

and his parents picked a golf course for their session. perfect for him. he’s already a fan and showed me some of his game.

johnson family_28crop Large e-mail view.jpg

i love the look of awe here as he stares at the flag.

ws7 Large e-mail view.jpg

a little help from daddy and he sinks it.

ws8 Large e-mail view.jpg

who needs a club when you can use your hand? 

johnson family_29crop Large e-mail view.jpg

they strategically waited til the end to bring out the golf equipment. before that, we captured these. smitten, indeed. 

ws3 Large e-mail view.jpg

oh, my. 

ws5 Large e-mail view.jpg 

ws9 Large e-mail view.jpg

i think his parents are under his spell, too. can you tell?

johnson family_26crop Large e-mail view.jpg

this sand shot is one of my favorites. it was totally a new texture for him. he didn’t know what to think. i just love capturing the exploration.

ws4 Large e-mail view.jpg

ws10 Large e-mail view.jpg

ws2 Large e-mail view.jpg

you come back anytime, little kemper. i’ll be waiting.

johnson family_24crop Large e-mail view.jpg



 I have to admit that one of my favorite things about this stage of my little sprinkle of grace venture is repeaters. Customers who come back for more. It’s not only fun to see how everyone has changed, to appreciate a little bit more the stage of life I’m photographing, and to see families and relationships grow and change, but it’s also just fun! Second, third, and even fourth shoots are just… relaxed. Everyone already kind of knows what to expect…

I photographed little Pierce when he was about 18 months…IMG_8268-Edit.jpg

Sweet Peyton when she was a newborn. Untitled-1.jpg


And the family when sweet Peyton was on her way… I love it. And them. :)


 Sometimes when I’m flipping through the hundreds of pictures from a session, I find one that, even though it’s far far from perfect, it just hits a nerve. This one did that. Pierce is silly. He’s smiley and fun and was rolling around in the grass. And little Peyton just wanted to eat those fingers. That’s it. And this, is them. At this time in their lives. It’s not perfect. But it’s special. At least I think so…


and then there’s this… :)


Repeaters. I love ‘em.


yet another senior.

 this was a super quick senior session in order to meet yearbook ad deadline. we’ll be doing another session later. what i love about this girl, well, besides her gorgeous eyes, is she has such a big heart. she wants her senior pictures to really represent her and will be using locations that are special to her.

ws2 Large e-mail view_.jpg

we started with her church. man, is her heart in the right place.

ws Large e-mail view.jpg

i can’t wait to see where we get to go next to capture her sweet smile.

ws1 Large e-mail view__.jpg

ws3 Large e-mail view_.jpg


expanding family

 this family is so sweet. they are currently made up of ben, ashley and aubrey, but will soon add another. i can’t imagine anything being cuter than a baby, but this girl will give her baby sister a run for her money. look at the eyes on her!

ws1 Large e-mail view_.jpg

 and this momma who is only a couple of weeks from delivering…she looks amazing!

ws3 Large e-mail view.jpg

 i’m so happy to capture a milestone for these guys.

ws4 Large e-mail view.jpg

ws2 Large e-mail view.jpg


and another stunning senior...

Isn’t she beautiful? Gina was a cinch to shoot. She had flawless skin and, as you can see, perfect deep brown eyes…and she and her mom were the sweetest things in this world. So fun! We hopped all over downtown, I envied every outfit she put on, cursed the wind a few times, and ended this session at their beautiful home…


Love the colors! L-O-V-E it! :)


stinkin’ cuteness!


When I asked Gina for a softer, not super smiley face, she’d make this gorgeous expression and say, “I really don’t know how to do that…” Uh. yeah right! :)


I love these…railroad track holder upper things. The texture of the wood is perfection…


I took this shot just to get a reading on my camera…in other words, Gina wasn’t posing or trying to make this perfect expression. It’s just who she is. It’s one of my favorites from her session.


As I said, stunning.

Untitled-4.jpg Untitled-2_.jpg

IMG_9617-Edit.jpgCongrats on your senior year, Gina! Savor it! :)



I cannot tell a lie.

I can’t lie. This shoot made me super nervous. Like crazy nervous. Like bride-coming-down-the-aisle- and-you-can’t-mess-this-up kind of shaking nervous. IMG_8863-Edit.jpg



I still get nervous before every shoot. I do! You’d think I’d have outgrown that by now, but, without fail, right before every shoot my stomach gets all butterflyish and my heart races, and I have this moment of panic where I am certain I won’t be able to think of a single pose idea and I’ll just stare at whoever I’m photographing…Obviously, I over come this about 3.2 seconds into the session. :)IMG_8780-Edit.jpg

But this session, well,  I must admit this session made me extra special nervous. Untitled-1.jpg



Because, you see, this shoot was for the assistant superintendent and his family, and I’d be totally lying if that didn’t add some pressure to things! IMG_8708-Edit.jpg

But, of course, they were super nice, fun and laid back. Despite calling Mr. Assistant superintendent by his first name more times than is respectfully appropriate (because it’s just what i do! Mr. and Mrs. aren’t in my photo shoot vocabulary. That might be a change I need to consider…), the shoot was really very fun. We used a garden I haven’t used in forever and the lighting was beautiful. The weather, for August, was the best we could have asked for. And since their boys are older, no one was running from the camera. I’m pretty sure they wanted to though. Boys and cameras just never really go together…:) At least until I force them to…

IMG_8891-Edit.jpg Untitled-2.jpg IMG_8871-Edit.jpg 

taylor. senior 2011.

 So, about 5 years ago, this cute little thing sat in my 6th period pre-ap class and pretty much rocked everything she did. She’s one of those students that stays with you because in 7th grade she was such an individual, so spunky and fun, so comfortable in her own skin…and if you can be comfortable in your own skin in 7th grade? Well, you’re set for life. So when she called and asked me to do her senior pictures I was so darn excited! And, good gracious, did we get some great shots. It took me FOREVER to decide what files to edit. forever.


 is she not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?





 I love the mood of this shot and the muted colors… gorgeous.




I’m not going to say anything here about how beautiful her eyes are. I really really want to, but I won’t.

But seriously. My camera just ate them up. Beautifulness.

(yes, I taught her English…and words like beautifulness. I have no doubt she will be very successful in college freshman English thanks to me.)


another sundress with cowboy boots. Love it. Don’t you think I should at least try to pull this off sometime in my life? I’m starting to think so..




I love her hair in this shot!


Enjoy every minute of your senior year, Taylor!

And thanks for letting me be a small part of it!



the tale of two balloons.

 Grayson’s mom is also one of my best friends. And his birthday was also last month. So, pictures were in order. And when Sarah mentioned using a big yellow balloon for the pictures, i absolutely couldn’t wait!


About 2 minutes into the balloon part of the session, and about 1 second after the above shot, it slipped off little Gray’s wrists and floated up, up, and away. Both Sarah and I started screaming which made Grayson, and Grant(who had tagged along on the shoot) both burst into tears. It was tragic and hilarious at the same time.

We filled another balloon with enough helium to almost lift gray right off the ground and changed locations. This time we wised up and strapped the balloon to a trunk. Didn’t they turn out so very cute?!


I know that I say something about eyes just about every time I post on here, but it’s just what happens when you turn into a photographer. Suddenly, eyes - they way they catch light, the variance in shade, lashes-  just jump out at you. Or at least it’s what happened to me when I turned into a photographer. turned into a photographer. I wrote that as though one day I just woke up and, well, lookey there! There’s a camera in my hand and I know how to work it! Amazing. Anyway, back to Grayson. His eyes are like my muse. Photographing them makes my heart smile.

IMG_6563-Edit.jpg IMG_6544-Edit.jpg

 Sarah requested a very retro-ish post-processing for these images and i love how they turned out. In some of these, I feel like Gray is straight out of 1972. (not ‘73 or ‘75 or ‘79. Nope. ‘72.)


You might have noticed that Michael David’s shots were at this random wall too. It’s wonderful. Beautiful light and texture. I sure hope the owners are cool with me using it as my studio… :)



what happens when your best friend has a baby.

1. You fall in love with him. Completely. You love his little wisps of hair just like his mom. And his blue eyes. And the way his smile is a little crooked.


2. You totally get the importance of a first birthday and the need to buy a shirt to commemorate. And that dads who play golf like their boys to start young.


 3. The way you feel about your own children’s naked shoulders? That indescribable need to squeeze them and tickle their sweet little necks? You feel that for him too.


4. When your friend’s baby makes a face like this on command, you melt into a puddle.


 5. You love seeing your friend’s dreams come true.


 6. You wonder if it’s common to love a child other than your own so very much.


7.  You are overjoyed that you get to photograph these beautiful eyes through all the stages that you and your best friend will treasure together.


Happy Birthday, Michael David! Aunt Jenny loves you!