and baby on the way...

 On a H-O-T summer day, this brave pregnant momma ventured out into the heat so we could capture her growing belly and her growing family. And this daring woman didn’t complain one bit, even after changing from a dress to jeans in her car. If you have been pregnant, think about your level of mobility in about month 8. Then picture that immobility trying to maneuver into jeans…in your car…when you were perhaps a wee bit sweaty having just endured half a photoshoot in the stifling heat of a Texas August. And Jessica did it all with a smile…like it was nothing. Truly amazing.

  family2.jpg I fell in love with their sweet little boy. I mean, how could I not? With his golden locks and sweet eyes? Smitten was I. :)

IMG_7554-Edit.jpg IMG_7695-Edit.jpg

 love it…

family 1.jpg IMG_7577-Edit.jpg

josiah and family

i don’t have many words to describe this shoot other than absolutely wonderful. i loved every minute of it, and i am so happy that i got the opportunity to capture this little miracle in all his tiny adorableness. add in a very proud sister and smitten parents and viola…gloriousness.

sykesfamily_04crop Large e-mail view.jpg

ws2 Large e-mail view.jpg

ws4 Large e-mail view.jpg

sykesfamily_36crop Large e-mail view.jpg

ws6 Large e-mail view.jpg

sykesfamily_23crop Large e-mail view.jpg

sykesfamily_16crop Large e-mail view.jpg

ws7 Large e-mail view.jpg

sykesfamily_06crop Large e-mail view.jpg 

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ws3 Large e-mail view.jpg 

sykesfamily_22crop Large e-mail view.jpg 

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sykesfamily_21crop Large e-mail view.jpg 

ws8 Large e-mail view.jpg




this guy had quite the adventure entering this world. and now, at a mere two weeks old, he’s capturing the hearts of many…including me. welcome, baby josiah.

sykes01crop Large e-mail view.jpg


sweet little georgia

 I already shared a few pics from this session, but here’s more of little miss georgia’s sweetness. I had the hardest time ever deciding which images to edit. Newborns have so many perfect little details to capture, every curled finger or srunched nose or yawn is perfect and adorable. Choosing between those kinds of things to highlight is impossible! Here are a few of my favorites…

IMG_7110-Edit.jpg IMG_6877-Edit.jpg baby4.jpg IMG_7073-Edit.jpg baby1.jpg baby2.jpg IMG_6999-Edit.jpg

 I love these vintage look of these images…and isn’t her bed just beautiful? Photographing sweet baby girls in their sweet baby girl nurseries is very dangerous. I think I need a few more ruffles and tutus in my world… :)


out of towners

This family came from Waco for their session. Which, for the record, always adds a bit of pressure to the session. A redo isn’t too possible. It’s do or die. They drove hours. for

I’m also deathly afraid of somehow magically erasing all the images from my memory cards before putting them on the computer. I have nightmares about this. Seriously.

The other interesting thing about out of towners is their reaction when they follow me to some falling down, sketchy, old, who-even-knows-what-this-place-was building and there is a moment where I wonder if they seriously regret asking this crazy girl to do their once in a decade family pictures.

But these guys were super cool, so into the falling down buildings, laid back and well, just fun. :) I love how their pictures turned out… especially this first truck one.


IMG_6394-Edit.jpg IMG_6184-Edit.jpg IMG_6188-Edit.jpg web2.jpg web3.jpg web1.jpg IMG_6249-Edit.jpg IMG_6454-Edit.jpg IMG_6376-Edit.jpg web4.jpg IMG_6237-Edit.jpg IMG_6202-Edit.jpg


i have never seen a two-year old girl so set on NOT getting her picture taken. i had to pull out all the stops for this one…including letting her take a picture herself. but even when she’s not looking at the camera and running away from me, she’s still just about one of the cutest little things i’ve ever seen. 

barrett_06crop Large e-mail view.jpg


barrett_24crop Large e-mail view.jpg

 i mean look at those eyes! daddy, you’re in trouble.

ws Large e-mail view.jpg

barrett_22crop Large e-mail view.jpg

 and those eyelashes…oh my.

barrett_19crop Large e-mail view.jpg

ws2 Large e-mail view.jpg

barrett_30crop Large e-mail view.jpg

barrett_16crop Large e-mail view.jpg


I’ve just barely started editing this beauty, but I couldn’t wait to post these. Isn’t she absolute perfection?

and wait till you hear her name…

Georgia Grace. Perfection.

lots of fun!

 Shooting this crew is always lots of fun! It has to be! There are quite a few of them! :) The littlest blondie, miss cali, has had about 8 sessions in her 18 months of life and we’re, like, best buds now. I’m not sure she knows what my face looks like since I always have a camera in front of it when I’m with her, but still, the friendship is deep. :) But this was only my second time to do the whole big family together, and just like last year, super fun and super cute.

Have you noticed how much i overuse the phrases super cute and super fun? I’ll work on it. :)

IMG_5711-Edit.jpg IMG_5767-Edit.jpg girl.jpg boy.jpg hope.jpg boy2_.jpg cali.jpg avery.jpg IMG_6053-Edit.jpg IMG_6063-Edit.jpg manda and mike.jpg IMG_5718-Edit.jpg

sweet boys

 I drove to this peaceful ranch in the middle of, what felt like, nowhere to photograph these two sweet boys. They reminded me so much of my own little boys, little blondies. And it was nice to shoot somewhere totally new to me… i can’t wait to see these two guys again when we do their next session in November!

IMG_4816-Edit.jpg boy3.jpg IMG_4896-Edit.jpg IMG_4569-Edit.jpg boy1.jpg boy2.jpg IMG_4600-Edit.jpg

 i think this picture, below, is so vintagey. love it.

IMG_4737-Edit.jpgI l

 and the vintagey feel continues…


 I love sibling love. Look at that face….”brother, i wanna be big like you!”

IMG_4864-Edit.jpg IMG_4564-Edit.jpg

one year down...forever to go.

 these two just celebrated their one-year anniversary. how cute and in love are they?! and they had to bring along their first “child”. she’s pretty cute too. i wish we had a video of this session. you’d never believe how well i can maneuver a camera while having a dog leash wrapped around my legs multiple times!

ws2 Large e-mail view.jpg

zach&sheena_15crop Large e-mail view.jpg

zach&sheena_29crop Large e-mail view.jpg

ws3 Large e-mail view.jpg

 i just love how she’s still giddy.

zach&sheena_34crop Large e-mail view.jpg

zach&sheena_13crop Large e-mail view.jpg

 i am absolutely in love with these umbrella shots!

ws Large e-mail view.jpg

zach&sheena_23crop Large e-mail view.jpg


zach&sheena_49crop Large e-mail view.jpg